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Posey Royale (formally the Posey Quintette) is a piano-driven ensemble that is dedicated to reviving the prolific swing orchestration of the late 1940’s. We celebrate hot jazz and swing obscurities - the ‘hidden gemstone’ songs that might have breached the mainstream jazz billboards - but missed - due to the abundant creative renaissance of the swing movement.


Our sound is a dedicated nod to the ‘power-house’ composers of swing history. Each of our arrangements is unique to Posey Royale - because we lovingly transcribe these tunes (by hand and ear) in order to preserve the historical accuracy of their original concepts. Posey Royale features the fierce improvisational interplay of a small-combo swing ensemble that blooms into the intricate harmony and warm counterpoint of an orchestra — all in a clever package that’s designed to delight dancers and listeners alike. 

Anna Arata

We are excited to welcome back to MCX!

Anna Arata is a professional singer based out of Nashville, TN. Originally from Boston, Anna moved to Nashville in 2011 to pursue a music degree and realize her dream of being a working jazz musician. She has worked professionally at several contracted venues, including Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel, as well as managed her own projects. Anna is currently playing local shows in Nashville while she writes her new material.


Kicking off our Weekend at our Thursday Pre Party!

The band Brazilbilly was established in 1995. They have been the house band at Robert’s Western World for the last 18 years and have been the longest established band in the history of lower Broadway. They are distinguished by their attire, their character as a group and by their desire to keep traditional country music alive and well.

While JesseLee sings lead for the band and plays rhythm guitar, Brazilbilly features highly-respected Nashville musicians and singers, including Chris Casello (guitar, steel) David Tanner (bass, vocals), Maxwell Schauf (drums, percussion), and Eamon McLoughlin (fiddle).

MCX    DJ's

Kenneth Ship

Robert Barbier

We are so excited to have Kenneth as one of our late night DJ's for MCX!

Kenneth has been spinning tunes for well over a decade, creating breakdance mixes from his dad's vinyl collection to DJing hip hop / break competitions in college. After falling in love with blues in 2014, he’s spent the past few years learning and diving into the wide variety of blues styles and history. Kenneth aims to get you grooving and moving every time you step out onto the dance floor.

He loves playing with your faves while also showcasing the soul/blues legends from his hometown of Nashville and his new home of St. Louis!

Robert has DJ’ed since 2007 when he helped start his college’s swing dance club. He has DJ’ed all over the southeast at events large and small. His goal is simple: get people out of their seats and on the dance floor. He enjoys sharing his love of exuberant rhythms, swinging music, and playful songs, all while paying close attention to what people are in the mood for.

Kemper Talley

Kemper favors music that has authentic, historic roots in the Swing Era. Kemper loves to play swing music from the early days to modern recreations while heavily favoring the small combos and big bands of the 30s and 40s. Outside of DJing, he enjoys leading the Jump Shop Sextet as well as teaching local and regional dancers more about this thing we call swing.

Nathan Riedel

What started in 2009 as an effort to impress friends turned into a love of self-discovery and growth. The movement, the music, and (most importantly) the partnership are what Nathan calls “just lovely” - and he loves getting to share these things with everyone he meets. When he DJs, all his classic staples and hidden gems will keep your face smiling and foot patting.

David Rohrer

"After listening to his grandad's records as a kid, Swing quickly became David's favorite kind of music. Having been dancing lindy and balboa for the past decade, he understands that the essence and character of our dance stems from the music, and has curated a library of swing music that brings out the tangible joys that we love as dancers. David strives to bring new swing-era music to the dance floor, but isn't afraid to turn up our favorite hits. Playing "the best song that could be played at this very moment" is the name of his game."

Jonathan Dyer

Jonathan’s began DJing in 2010 at his local college scene at UNC in Greeley, Colorado. Soon after that, he began to branch out by DJing many different dances in Fort Collins and even in Denver, quickly becoming a staple in the region. By 2012 he was DJing at events such as: Midwest lindyfest, Hawkeye Swing Festival, Kansas City Stomp, and Southern Swing Challenge.


Life eventually took him to Chicago, where he currently resides. He stands out amongst his local cohorts with his selections of 1930s swing including small ensemble  and early big band selections of the decade. He will keep your feet moving and grooving to awesome music that is authentic to that era.

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